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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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How can I get them?

We ship online nationwide via USPS, shipping is calculated on your order when your address is entered in the cart. Due to the nonperishable nature of the cookies, we do not ship on weekends or holidays or if a holiday may delay delivery causing cookies to sit in a facility for several days.

We rent bakery space in the Market on South and Valhalla Bakery. It’s near the Milk District at 2603 E South Street, Orlando, FL 32803. There is a refrigerated case where we keep cookies stocked for purchase. Just pay the cashier!  Their hours are posted on their website but are usually 8am-midnight M-Sat and 8-5 Sunday.

Also available for purchase in limited quantities at:

Baby Bottoms Boutique inside Amaya Papaya in Casselberry, FL.

Florida Hospital Women’s Center Retail Store

Family First Wellness Center in Winter Park

How many do I need to eat?

Results vary but we suggest starting with at least 2 cookies to see how they affect your supply.  Usually before the time your supply is lowest.  For many that is afternoon, so eat two around lunchtime.  Some moms eat more because they struggle to consume enough calories otherwise.  Other moms only eat them when they ‘need’ them.  Like when babies have a growth spurt and you are trying to keep up, mom’s menstrual cycle starts back, or if when they go back to work and start pumping more and nursing less.

How do I store them?

Our cookies are baked fresh and then frozen prior to shipping.  We do not use any preservatives in our cookies, so they do not have a long shelf life at room temperature.  3-5 days depending on conditions.  We recommend placing them back in your freezer and taking them out shortly before eating.  They can be kept in the fridge for 2-3 weeks or in the freezer for up to 6 months.

Mommies Munchies are sooo delicious and healthy. I haven’t had one flavor that’s been bad. Before I had mommies munchies I had milkmakers and let’s just say mommies munchies taste better, the cost is great, they are moist and yummy and the customer service is awesome. Pretty sure it’s played a part in increasing my milk supply and I’m a happy customer overall. You can’t go wrong trying these lactation cookies out. Thank you Mommies munchies!
Max Pressley
Cookies are delicious and work amazing! I have a good supply, I bought these mainly because they were delicious. But I’ve had to stick them in the freezer and only pull them out when I’m feeling a little low in supply because I was getting engorged and having to pump on top of nursing both my daughters from having only one of these a day!
Tiffany Marie
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