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Welcome to Mommies Munchies!
a little story about us


It all began in the Fall of 2010. Trish was nursing her 2nd child and was struggling with her milk supply. As a registered nurse, she knew there had to be a natural way to help. The experiment with lactation cookie recipes began! She shared her cookies with the lactation support group at Winnie Palmer Hospital in Orlando and had an instant fan base. Local moms were paying her to make them whole batches because, let’s face it, who has time to bake cookies with newborns? And then Mommies Munchies was born.


Every good lactation cookie has 3 main ingredients: Oats, flax seed, and fresh organic brewer’s yeast from our local Orlando Brewing Co. We cannot make these cookies gluten free because of the key ingredient Brewers Yeast. There are other things people add, but aren’t always necessary. There is not any human milk IN them, it just helps mommies make more. They will not make non-lactating people start lactating. So dads, you are safe. Though sometimes we wish you could!


We have to add that our cookies are enjoyed by much more than mommies. We hear all the time that husbands and kids are raiding their stash. But why not? They are so much better for you than a lot of other cookies out there.
Mommies Munchies are now baked and sold at the Market on South, Florida Hospital Retail Store, Baby Bottoms Boutique, and online on our website.

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